Frequently Asked Questions

See what people ask to know before reservation

All rentals include insurance CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) with an excess amount depending on the car category.

For more coverage there is the possibility of additional insurance with an additional charge per day.

The coverages are as you will find below :

1.Theft Protection (TPC)

Total value of the City car against the theft is subject to an additional charge of 5 € for all cars.

2.Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

A PAI is available for an additional charge of 5 € per day per car covering the driver & passengers for medical expenses up to 12 000 €.

3.Full Damage Waiver (FDW)

On condition that the driving code has not been violated, renters self-risk can be reduced for categories by paying an additional charge of 8 €.  

4.Windshields, tires and wheel trims

Are  not covered by the insurance. There is an optional insurance for 5 € per day for tires and 5 € per day glass insurance.

No insurance covers the following cases and the charges for any of the damages listed below will be borne directly by the customer regardless of whether he has accepted the CDW, FDW, WUG.The most important cases being:

1.Damages or losses inside and outside the vehicle (Caused without a recorded accident).

2.Damage to the underside of the vehicle caused by off-road driving.

3.Burned clutch due to misuse.

4.Burned engine due to negligence or broken crankcase off the asphalt road.

5.Detachment of the vehicle (beach – mountains, etc.)

6.Accident or damage caused under the influence of alcohol / drugs, causing intentional damage, off-road driving.

7.Loss or destruction of a key.

8.loss of or damage to the keys is not covered by any insurance and charges apply.

The customer assumes full responsibility in case of such claims,any unreported damage or accident to the vehicle may be construed as negligence. The customer must inform the company immediately otherwise no insurance covers him.

About Motorbikes, the insurance coverage, includes the below:

Third Party Insurance Protection:

Maximum cover of 1.300.000,00 € for personal injuries to third parties except the driver of the rented vehicle.

Maximum cover of 1.300.000,00 €  for material damages.

Insurance coverage, about motorbikes, does not Include the below:

1.Full Damage or Damage to any part of the rented vehicle.

2.Theft & Fire protection of the rented vehicle.

3.Theft protection of personal belongings.

4.Death or injury to the driver of the rented vehicle.

5.Unauthorized driver that has used the vehicle or does not possess the required driver’s license.

6.Driving under the influence of Alcohol or Narcotics is strictly prohibited, it is against the law and in any case the vehicle is not insured.

In case of a crash or damage you will have to inform us from the point of the accident. The insurance company will come and serve you as soon as possible.Damages that will be caused by your own responsibility on the rented vehicle, will have to be paid with the full amount of the damage.

You can rent a car or motorbike by simply clicking on make reservation button in the menu or by calling +30 6945642924. If you choose to reserve a car online, we will contact you to confirm your reservation.

The change of the vehicle is depends of the availability. However, you are required to give at least 2-days prior notice if you wish to cancel your reservation.

You can take the car/motorbike at the address Str. Griva 9 , or from any place select at reservation.

If your car/motorbike breaks down , please call us immediately at +30 6945642924.

We can deliver our cars or motorbikes free of charge to Rhodes port , Rhodes Town and your hotel in the city limits.

You can call us every day and anytime by telephone no. +30 2241601120, or mobile phone no. +30 6945642924, or email us on queenrentalrhodes@gmail.com

Yes , we will provide a road map and useful information to make sure that you can appreciate the beauty of the island.

You should return the car filled up to the same level of fuel as that of the time of pick up. For any extra fuel, money is not refunded.

You can pay by cash or credit – debit card, when you pick up the vehicle.

To rent a car the driver should be over 21 years old and for the motorbike the driver should be over 18 years old and must have held a valid license for at least 12 months.